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Dishwashing Divas Housekeeping Inc.: Ala carte housekeeping offering green cleaning products! safe for your children, your pets and you!
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Dishwashing Divas is excited to offer our customers a green cleaning system that actually works!

Shaklee products are safe, natural and will save you a ton of money.

Dishwashing Divas is located in the heart of DuPage county, in the Wheaton/Naperville area, about 25 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. We service most communities in DuPage county and the eastern side of Kane. Just ask to find out if you are in our service area.

Dishwashing Divas was created to fill a niche that was missing in the cleaning industry, ala carte service! Imagine only paying for what you need?! It's a concept who's time has come. Should you need that one perfect housekeeper to provide laundry services in your home or a team that will quickly BUT thoroughly clean every room, we have it covered.

After the birth of Lisa's son, Reece, she found that she needed assistance with the ever expanding piles of dishes and laundry. (What new Mom and Dad don't have that problem?) Her past experience with other professional cleaning companies had proven that these services were not offered. She also understood the importance of using a service that was insured and bonded. Later, after investigating more about this industry, she found out about how critical it was for a company to pay for worker's comp insurance and also a company that uses their own employees. When a company sends independent contractor's to your home they have little control over how the work is to be done. When a company hires and uses their own employees they are completely in charge of the finished work and how it is to be done. They should also be paying all payroll taxes for their employee. If you hire a person to do work for you, the government requires that you pay their payroll taxes, as their employer, unless they can provide a certificate of insurance. So, you would then need to pay not only for their hourly wage but should build in the cost of medicare and social security. This will be avoided when you hire us. We have already taken care of this for you. When we quote you a rate, it includes everything, except the supplies and tools to do your job. Consult with your tax professional on these issues.

Her partner, Julie, is a perfectionist about cleaning! After meeting with her, she will make sure that your instructions are followed and everything runs smoothly. Communication is never a problem with Dishwashing Divas. In fact, we count on your feedback to help us improve.

You will never be in the dark with Dishwashing Divas! We send you regular email updates regarding your schedule including any important changes or news.

Dishwashing Divas provides innovative, world class service that is customized to fit your needs. We can work from your changing list or perform the same tasks each visit. We can come for a specific set of hours to fit your budget or complete all of your household chores.

Our service includes but is not limited to:



Laundry, including washing, drying, folding, putting away.

Party clean up.

Dishes- washing and put away.

Any job that most Moms and Dads do to run a home- Just ask! :)